This one’s a bit embarrassing.  For reasons I shall not explain, I was searching “burrito” on my phone.  But, just like Homer, my fingers were too fat for my tiny phone keyboard.  Hence Buttito.

While I feel this one needs no explanation, here it is anyway: Buttito is obviously a Weird Al cover band with Spanish flair.

Fine, I was searching Taco Bell’s website for the Beefy Nacho Griller because I couldn’t remember the name.  It’s way too much pressure to get up to the ordering window without knowing the name of it already.  Have you seen the menu lately?  So many choices.  I can’t read the menu that quickly. If I don’t know the name ahead of time, I’ll just cave and order the usual.  How boring is a regular old taco with extra cheese?  Delicious?  Yes.  Do I want it every time I make a Run for the Border?  No.  So I risked life and limb to type while at the red light and ended up with Buttito.