Helvetica Girl

Logan is of the age now where he has to write papers for school. This fast is super irritating as no one has taught him how to do such things. It’s a real trial by fire. He had a couple of papers that he was working on over an extended snow break we had. I’m the de-facto editor in the house because of my excellent grammar skillz. We all happen to be in the car and talking about his progress on the papers when his font selection turns up. See, Logan likes to use Comic Sans of all things. And I make fun of him for it because it’s just silly looking. I would show it to you, but I just found out how annoying it is to try and change fonts in WordPress. I’m just really shocked that none of his teachers have called him on it so far. Surely high school will be different on that front? Maybe they just don’t care in middle school?

So Jason asks “What kind of font would you prefer?” It’s not like I know that many by name, but I throw out a couple. “Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica…” “Oh, so you’re a Helvetica Girl are you?”

Why yes, yes I am a Helvetica Girl.

Helvetica Girl does do some Lisa Loeb style covers, but also writes her songs dedicated to her literary heroines. I’m sure she’s a Jane Austen fan. She probably sleeps in her car with her homeless mother, plays mostly in coffee shops, and local bookstores.