Godzilla Cross Stitch

I made this for my Bother-In-Law and his family.  I’m sure it will end up in a place of honor.  Here’s the pattern I found.  Hopefully, it isn’t stolen from someone.  I just found I found my own colors and made the word “destroy” to look a bit like flames.

godzilla, walk 003

I used a frame from IKEA.  Mostly because I love IKEA and will use any excuse to go to there.  I also used some foam core that we had lying around the house and some tiny pins that were called sequin pins.

godzilla, walk 009

I cut the foam core to a little bit smaller than the mat in the frame.  After I washed and ironed the fabric, I measured out the middle of both the piece and the foam core.  While having everything lined up, I used the tiny sequin pins to attach the needlework to the foam core.  The pins were inserted all the way around into the edge of the foam – super tedious.  I wanted to make sure it was straight, though, so I did a pin or two per side at a time starting in the middle of each side. The fabric needs to be pulled taut in an attempt to prevent wrinkles.  This was the first time I have framed anything this way.  It was harder than it sounds.  Especially the corners.  I trimmed a bit there and just tried to get it to lay and fold as flat as possible on the back.  Lastly, I taped all the edges down and popped it in the frame!

godzilla, walk 014


Framed and ready to go for Christmas!

flamingo,godzilla 021


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