Merry Christmas Banner

So we took some family pics for our Christmas card this year.  I knew they weren’t going to scream Christmas or anything, so I made a banner to Holiday them up.  We only used it in a few of the pictures, so most of them are truly just family photos.  That’s super nice since we hardly ever do that.  I think the banner works in a few of them.

I used my Cricut to make the letters.  I made some test sizes first.  I cut the “M” in 2″, 3″ and 4″.  We figured the 4″ would look best.  For the letters, I used some green paper I already had, but I didn’t have any good colors to go with them.  So sad for me, thus a trip to Michaels.

I wanted something a little shiny to compliment the letters.  It took some time, but I found some silver.  I got a pack of paper on sale that had several reds and pinks.  I also picked up some red and white baker’s twine.

After I had cut all the letter’s out, I glued them down to the silver paper.  I pretty much just eyeballed a quarter inch margin from there and cut the paper around the letters.  Then I put a second layer of red below that.

I’ve been sitting on a ton of eyelets and this sweet eyelet tool for quite some time, so I decided to add those in the corners for durability.  They metal rings should keep the twine from ripping out the corners. Of course, the eyelets made it super easy to thread the twine too.  It turned out pretty well.

I didn’t think about the letters sliding off the string, but they did slide quite easily.  It was kinda funny to letters missing after we posed for a photo! I remedied that after the shoot with some old school scotch tape on the back.  That’ll give the banner a long life so I can hang it up every year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!