Jason A. Minto

Jason A. Minto is most definitely a creative technologist, hacker, and maker. He spends his time figuring out how to protect the world from malicious activity. His friends call him paranoid, but he knows they say that because they love him. If he could leave economic concerns behind he’d most likely find him burned by a rocket motor or run over by a robot. You might find some stories about those travails here on this blog.
The driving force behind all of this is of course family and giving back to the World through curiosity and creativity. The track record speaks for itself. Volunteering for the U.S. Army Reserves and retiring after 21 years of active service. That might not sound like helping the World through curiosity and creativity to a lot of people. Seldom is military service a synonym for humanitarian service. However, one of the most rewarding experiences was a tour in Iraq where Jason was awarded the Bronze Star for his support in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Other rewarding experiences abound and include:

If you’re interested in him occupationally, check out his LinkedIn profile.