Powder Room – Pt. 1

We’ve lived in our current home about 2 1/2 years.  In that time, I’ve done much painting to the place.  We’ve methodically and sporadically done minor repairs and updates.  Some repairs were to fix the home and others were to make the house more “us”.  Through all of that, one room has haunted me the entire time.

That’s not true. Two rooms haunt me, but the empty, dark, wood-paneled guest room is just gonna have to wait.  The room I’m talking about is the world’s smallest bathroom.

Now, when we moved into the place, the entire building was painted an ugly yellowish cream color, top to bottom.   Allegedly, it was part of some cost savings plan. And, it looked like the house had been that yellowed color for a really long time.  So not only was it the yellowish cream, it was a dirty yellowish cream. Thankfully the previous owners weren’t smokers – but sometimes I wonder.  The nice thing about that situation is that you can paint over it. Maybe you need to put up primer, but that’s just an extra step. I am slowly but surely eradicating that color from all the rooms.  In fact, I just about have.  All that’s left are the hallways and the family room. But for some bizarre reason, this super tiny bathroom was wallpapered.

The world’s smallest bathroom is on our first floor, so it is the one that all guests use; one word: embarrassing. When I say world’s smallest and super tiny, I mean it.  There’s only room for a toilet and a small sink opposite each other. There isn’t even a cabinet! Ok, smallness is confounding, but what’s the rule walls in small rooms? Oh yeah… don’t do dark colors.

136   137


Why would you do this!  This is awful!  Like being in a rust prison.  I cringe whenever I visit.  If you can believe it, it was actually worse before.  It had a super old towel rod placed right at elbow level.  Plus the toilet paper holder was behind you when sitting.  I like yoga and all, just not when I am taking care of business. I finally said that enough was enough and just started pulling it off with no real plan.  Boy scouts, walk 367The wallpaper really doesn’t want to come off!  I used a hole puncher thingy and water mixed with downy to wet it down.  This rusty paper fought me every step of the way.  Its battle was fought with two layers: a top layer and the backing paper.  It has taken me a longer to get this paper off than I intended.  But, at least the room feels twice as big now!

Now we just have to purchase all our replacement finishings

  • New sink with a cabinet (why would you not have a cabinet??)
  • new medicine cabinet
  • light
  • new paint

We are still in the discussion stages about whether or not the floor needs to be replaced.  The toilet is a bit wobbly. Most likely it wobbles because of water damage. We will not know for certain until Jason takes it out.  There’s still wallpaper behind the toilet to get too!

I think we’ll keep the toilet; no low flow for this house!

bathroom 002   bathroom 001

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