So my son comes to me and tells me about a book he wants to read.  He’s seem references to it in a couple places and has heard how good it is.  I’m always up for finding him a good book that he will read.  He likes to read but is very picky.  So I’m all “great!!  What’s the book?”  “Don Quecksito”  I laughed so hard I cried.  Yeah, not great parenting.  But he is good at laughing along.  So grateful he is a kid who can laugh at himself.  I wouldn’t make it through this if his feelings got hurt at that stuff.

Quecksito.  I misspell it every time.  I’m open for suggestions as to what they would play.  I think Quecksito is a confused bunch of kids playing in a garage who haven’t found their jam yet.

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