Clinical Canadian

On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, we were channel surfing in our hotel.  A soccer game came on.  Honestly, soccer is the most boring game.  Except for maybe golf.  How many sports enthusiasts can I offend?  I’m just getting started baby.  So, obviously, there were two teams playing.  Couldn’t tell you who, but one WAS a Canadian team.  The announcer (yeller?) was talking about a particular player and something they had just done.  Probably running.. or standing, there was a lot of that happening, we are talking about soccer here.  The announcer said the player was a “Clinical Canadian”.  Bam.

Clinical Canadian does Barenaked Ladies coves exclusively.  Because why not.


Side note.  Why does WordPress think yeller is misspelled?  I actually had to look it up to be sure.

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