Kevin.. when this end?

After trying for practically every year since moving to the area, we finally scored some tickets to the White House Christmas Tree lighting in 2015.  Sadly they were for the standing room only section, but we soldiered on because I felt like we needed to experience this at least once.  There are many things I will never do again and standing waiting for someone to light a Christmas Tree from probably three football fields away is definitely on that list.  (Also on the list, DC fireworks, um.. this may be a list of 2 things…)  So on the day of the lighting, we get the kid out of school early and take the train down. They want you there about 4 hours too early.  I get it, security and whatnot.  But it was cold.  And it was getting dark as we were standing there waiting for something to happen.  We weren’t the only antsy ones.  There was a couple standing close to us.  I didn’t pay them much attention until she starts talking really loudly.  “Kevin.. when this end?”  It was too perfect.  Obama hadn’t even shown up yet!

We weren’t the only ones that left as soon as the lights came on.

Ideally, this would be a band you wouldn’t want to end.

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