Irradiated Female

My husband has decided to start showing our son the worst movies he can find.  That’s the only excuse I can come up with for them watching Robot Holocaust yesterday.  I can only hope that he never shows him Jupiter Ascending, the absolute worst movie I have ever paid good money to see.   True fact: Every movie I have seen since Jupiter Ascending is “at least it’s not as bad as Jupiter Ascending.”

I can’t tell you the plot the “classic” Robot Holocaust  because I left the room in the first five minutes it was so bad(at least it’s not as bad as Jupiter Ascending).  An hour later, I declared bedtime as I was attempting to save my child from further harm. “But there is only 20 minutes left!”  So I stayed to watch the end.  During the credits, I had to point out that there would be no post credits scene as the movie is too old for that(thanks Marvel!).  They start naming off the players in this gem when our son starts laughing at a character called “Irradiated Female”.  We all couldn’t stop giggling at that point.

Irradiated Female is an all girl punk rock group.  They can play whatever song they want that is how punk rock they are.

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