Clo Clo

Sometimes I speak like a teenage girl, cause I’m cray cray. I don’t remember the exact conversation I was having, but it involved me telling my son to put something in the closet.  Or “clo clo” as I put it that day. Lightbulb!

Clo Clo should be a female led indie band.  Something like Frente.  Go listen to their cover of “Bizarre Love Triangle”.  You’ll thank me later. Unless you don’t and then you are dead to me.

Paved Babies

Paved Babies came to me as I was walking with the Family.  Sometimes we like to go for walks in the afternoon. I’m pretty sure I just misheard someone as we were walking.

A lot of these band names come from mishearing someone  — since someone always likes to talk to me when I’m walking behind them.  I can never understand a person when they’re not facing me.

Paved Babies – I imagine this to be the name of a heavy metal band.  It seems like a perfect metal band name to freak some of the more mundane people in the world. I by no stretch of the imagination advocate paving over babies or using babies as pavers.