Cause Olive

So we were sitting at the Alamo Drafthouse watching a special presentation of The Regular Show: The Movie when Jason orders a dirty martini with olives.  He likes to do that.

What’s really embarrassing is when the waiter, or even worse the waitress, asks “How Dirty?”  Yes, this happened. I know it’s a legit question, but not in front of the kid, please!  Think of the children! That didn’t happen this time thank goodness.

Drinks arrive, water all around, and coke for me.  Jason looks at his martini, which is stacked with 3 enormous olives and offers me one. Now I’m not much of a drinker AND I do not like olives, so, not cool! The two of them start making jokes about Logan enjoying martini olives and asking me “what is your problem?”

It’s, cause olive’s kids.

Cause Olive is not really a band.  Just a girl and her music.  I don’t think she had a career with Fringe Division, but she sure can play the guitar and write her own songs.  Someone like Lisa Loeb.  Remember her? Of course her name has to be Olive.  Names are easy to change these days, right?

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