Vicious and Fluffy

We have some neighbors who really like little dogs.  I really like little dogs.  They seem to go through quite a few of them though.  It feels too awkward to ask why.  “So what happened to all the other dogs?  Are they dead?  Did you hand them off to your copious grandkids?”  That’s just not a conversation I would like to have – ever.

The neighbors currently have two very tiny dogs.  One is white and the other is black.  I think they are both Maltese but without the stupid haircut.  This is how I feel about them.

On the way home from the bus stop recently, those little guys were barking at us through their glass door.  “So vicious” I said in a silly voice.  “So vicious and fluffy” was the reply from Logan.

Vicious and Fluffy is a teenage girl cover band.  They are probably doing rock covers of Taylor Swift songs. If Calvin Harris is ever looking for something with a harder edge, they’ll fit the bill.

On a side note, I actually had to look up how to spell “vicious”.  I kept putting in “viscous”.  I think we can agree that would be an entirely different cover band.

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