Double Sweater

The weather is starting to change here and I am freezing all the time.  It makes me feel really old to be this cold all the time.  I mean, I grew up in Ohio – not the coldest part of the state, but we had our share.  I thought I was used to it.  I actually live a bit farther south now but as soon as the temps start to drop it’s all over.  Yesterday I wore my first sweater of the season out and about.  On my way home, I was thinking about how I couldn’t wait to get home to put on my cardigan over my sweater.  I would then be wearing double sweaters!  You just can’t make this stuff up.

The Double Sweaters are a bunch of retired rockers.  Not literally rockers, but retired people who like to rock.  They formed their band in the old folks home and play for all their fellow prisoners.. ahem..  residents.  Probably on a Saturday afternoon.  Old people don’t rock after dark.

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