British Neutral

Jason was watching some ELO concert television show the other day.  I wasn’t really paying attention, they are not my jam.  He made some random comment about how “maybe they aren’t from Baltimore after all.”  What?  “I thought they were from Baltimore, but I think they are from England after watching this.  Maybe I don’t like them after all.”  I paid more attention.  The singer began talking and he definitely had an English accent.  A groan was all I heard next to me.

“What is your problem with English bands?”  was the obvious question I asked.

“You know how I feel about English bands.”

“I didn’t realize your feelings were so strong.”

“You thought I liked bands from England?” He sounded indignant.

I just didn’t realize you hated them so much.  I thought you were just neutral on them.  English neutral.”

English Neutral is an American band that only plays songs from English bands.  Just to spite Jason.  I imagine them butchering Oasis songs on a regular basis.


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